Standard Jazzmaster HH

Should you choose the standard Jazzmaster HH? Fender is known for quality and classic design, and that’s why so many of their guitars have retained the same basic design for decades. The new Standard Jazzmaster HH has the same look and feel of the guitars from years ago, although it offers far more when it comes to the electronics. Those guitarists who are looking for a nice and heavy tone that has an aggressive edge to it will love what the Standard Jazzmaster HH offers. It’s a sleek guitar, and despite the name, you will quickly discover that this guitar can do far more than just play Jazz. Let’s look at some of the features of the guitar so you can get a better idea of whether it’s a good choice for you or not.

Features of the Standard Jazzmaster HH?

Standard Jazzmaster

Standard Jazzmaster

The guitar has a lot going for it. It offers a maple neck that has a modern C profile, along with a 9.5″ radius rosewood fingerboard and 21 medium jumbo frets. It also has some great pickups – two Dual Blacktop open-coil humbuckers that have chrome and black bobbins that look great on the guitar. The guitar also features the classic floating tremolo, a 3-way pickup selector, and a push/pull switch in the tone knob. When you use this knob, you can switch between the outer coils of the bridge pickup so you can emulate the single-coil tone. It’s a nice feature that many guitar players are sure to appreciate.

The black pick guard helps to boost the aesthetics of the guitar even further. You can choose from three different finishes for the Standard Jazzmaster HH. It comes in Ghost Silver, Black, and Olympic White. Each of these looks great, especially with the black pick guard, although there are probably some players out there that wish they had a couple of additional choices when it comes to the color.

Does the Standard Jazzmaster HH Have Any Problems?

When it comes to instruments from Fender, you do not really have to worry about them not working properly or having any tuning or intonation problems. They take great pride in their work, and their guitars are proof positive of this. However, quality construction is not the only thing that people look for with a guitar. The Standard Jazzmaster HH has a very distinct shape and sound, and that means that it will not be the right guitar for everyone. This can deliver some high gain and heavy sound, and you might be looking for something with a brighter tone, such as the Telecaster.

As mentioned, some might want to have more color options available. However, the three finishes offered really do help to accentuate the classic look of the Standard Jazzmaster HH, so the color should not be a deal breaker.

What’s the Overall Opinion?

If you want classic sound and classic appearance, then the Standard Jazzmaster HH might be the ideal guitar for you. It has Fender quality and dependability, and you will love the way this guitar plays. It is certainly one worth considering.

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