RG655M Prestige

The RG655M Prestige looks and plays like a champion. Ibanez, a Japanese company, has been making beautiful, finely crafted instruments for decades, and one of the most iconic models they offer is the RG. These models through the years have provided players with a fantastic sound, easy playability, and a unique design that’s instantly recognizable. The RG655M Prestige, which offers a tremolo bridge, is a nice choice for many. Let’s look at the features of the guitar to see whether it might be a good fit for you or not.

Why Choose the RG655M Prestige?

RG655M Prestige

RG655M Prestige

You have a wealth of different guitar choices out there, so what makes the RG655M Prestige a good option? It starts with the quality of craftsmanship that goes into the RG. They have highly advanced durable electronics so you can always get a great sound that’s entirely reliable. They have the classic RG look, and you can choose from two different finishes with this model. The SPM, Subterranean Purple Metallic, is gorgeous. It has a nice subdued purple that never comes across as too ostentatious. The CBM, Cobalt Blue Metallic, is beautiful in its own right. Even though there are only two finish choices, they are different enough that one should certainly appeal to you.

The guitar has a Super Wizard HP 5-piece Maple/Walnut neck, along with a basswood body and a maple fretboard that features a black dot inlay. The guitar also has the aforementioned Edge Tremolo, the leading tremolo system in the field. You will also find two pickups on the guitar. At the neck, it has a DiMarzio Air Norton (passive/alnico), and at the bridge there is a DiMarzio The Tone Zone pickup (passive/alnico). The volume and tone knob, as well as the 5-way pickup selector allows you to have full control over the sound that comes out of your guitar.

The size of the neck with these guitars helps to make it nice and easy to shred all the way down the neck. Many players who enjoy that style of music will adore the ease with which they can play the RG.

What Are the Disadvantages of the RG655M Prestige?

As with so many guitars, it will all come down to preferences when you are making your final decision on what you should buy. From a technical perspective, there is nothing out of place with the RG655M Prestige. It offers great electronics, high quality parts, and expert construction. There should not be any issues with the guitar “out of the box”. Whether this is the right guitar for you or not will often depend on whether you like the style, the finishes available, and the tremolo system.

The Overall Assessment

The guitar plays wonderfully, and is perfect for many different outlets – jamming, recording, playing live, and just fiddling around at home. It’s a fantastic instrument that has the iconic RG look, sound, and quality that you’ve wanted. If you like the tremolo and the style, it could make a fantastic guitar whether it’s your first or you are a collector of quality instruments.

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