RG652K Prestige

The RG652K Prestige offers true pleasure while playing. The RG models from Ibanez are instantly recognizable to guitar players, as they have a distinct design and appearance. These guitars have a fantastic reputation in music, and they are some of the most sought after guitars in the world. The company has been making them for more than thirty years now, and each year they seem to improve on the design in different ways. The models today sound great, have the same classic look, and have some advanced hardware and electronics in them. The RG652K Prestige is a fantastic example of this, and it could be the next guitar you add to your collection.

What Makes the RG652K Prestige Special?

Aside from the look of the guitar, you will find that this instrument has quite a few features that help to make it a crowd pleaser among musicians. This particular model comes in the Koa Brown finish, which is simple and beautiful, and it really allows the look of the Australian blackwood top and basswood body to shine through. The hardware is in Cosmo Black. The guitar features jumbo frets, as well as two pickups. It has the DiMarzio Air Norton neck pickup (passive/alnico) as well as the DiMarzio The Zone Tone bridge pickup (passive/alnico).

The RG652K Prestige has a Super Wizard HP 5-piece maple/walnut neck, as well as a marbled rosewood fretboard with a white dot inlay. The size of the neck helps to make it easy for those who really like to shred on the guitar, and this is often one of the main reasons to choose an RG. It comes with a hardshell case as well. One of the features that make Ibanez RG models so popular is that many of them come with a tremolo, as does the RG652K Prestige, which is essential for many play styles. The Edge tremolo bridge is legendary, and that’s one of the biggest reasons that these guitars tend to sell so well.

The RG652K Prestige offers a 5-way pickup selector, as well as a volume and tone knob. It’s easier than ever to create just the sound you need from this guitar.

What Are the Disadvantages of the RG652K Prestige?

To be honest, there are really very few complaints from players who own this guitar. Those few and far between who have had problems will find that it’s generally a simple hardware issue that’s easy enough to fix. Most have no issues whatsoever. Those who don’t like the tremolo system will naturally want to stay away, but it tends to be a fantastic option for everyone else.

What’s the Overall Opinion?

The RG652K Prestige and others in the RG line tend to be the perfect type of guitar for those who like to play fast and loud. The Japanese made guitars are some of the best you will ever find, and their popularity continues to grow, making Ibanez one of the top forces to be reckoned with when it comes to guitar making. If you’ve been looking for a fantastic guitar that plays easily and that offers true quality, this could be the one.