Les Paul Standard 2015

What does the new Les Paul Standard 2015 offer? The Gibson Les Paul is easily one of the most famous and trusted names in guitars, and this year they launched their brand new Les Paul 2015. The new guitar offers a wealth of brand new features that have helped to give the axe even more versatility in an attempt to reach new and veteran players alike. Let’s look at what this beauty offers and what constitutes the pros and the potential cons for players like you.

What Are the Pros?

There really is a lot to love with the brand new Les Paul Standard 2015, so it’s time that we got into some of the new features that help to make this guitar unique. It includes the Gibson G-FORCE Tuning System to help make tuning the guitar much easier, the Zero Fret Adjustable Nut, an upgraded Tune-o-Matic Bridge (featuring Titanium Saddles, a thicker rosewood fingerboard, pearl inlays, a smoother (sanded and oiled) fingerboard, a better output jack, a removable pickguard that will not leave any holes in the body of the instrument, and some of the best materials in the world when it comes to crafting instruments. It also includes the Les Paul 100th Anniversary birthday signature and the Les Paul Hologram to show that the guitar is authentic.

This is a beautiful guitar that will look as good as it plays, and it’s something that guitar players around the world should really enjoy. However, it’s also important that we look at some of the potential cons and complaints that some might have.

What Are the Cons?

While most of the players out there are extremely happy with the new features, and the same quality construction they’ve come to expect from Gibson, the Les Paul Standard 2015 might not be for everyone. Some players say that this year, the company has been trying to reinvent the wheel and adding features that simply weren’t needed. One of the prime examples of this is the auto tuning system. Many have found that it is simply not needed for them and their play style. However, others actually enjoy the tuning system and find that it does make tuning faster and easier. In this case, it’s really a “to each their own” kind of argument.

Another one of the gripes that some guitarists have complained about is the lack of finish options, but that’s a problem with most guitars. The manufacturer limits the number of options for finishes to help make the guitars unique and instantly recognizable. This model comes in five different choices, so you will still have options. You can choose from the Heritage Cherry Sunburst Candy, Tobacco Sunburst Candy, Trans Amber Cherry Back Candy, Honeyburst Perimeter Candy, and Wine Red Candy, all of which are beautiful. Keep in mind that the Standard also comes in the Premium Quilt variety, which will give you even more finish options.

The Overall Opinion

When it comes to guitars from Gibson, it really is hard to go wrong. They always make high quality products that are built to last as long as you give them proper care. The Les Paul Standard 2015 is no exception.