Gibson Firebird V 2015

The Gibson Firebird V 2015 offers many great features. One of the most unique and iconic looking guitars out of the Gibson stable has to be the Firebird, and their latest model, the Firebird V 2015, has plenty to offer players out there. It’s a fantastic looking guitar and it has some incredible sound. It’s a wonderful way to stand out from the crowd no matter where you are playing. In the following review, we’ll explore some of the features of this guitar to help you determine whether it might be the right model for you or not.

What Are the Features of the Firebird V 2015?

The mahogany body is beautiful and durable, and this guitar has a number of new and classic features that you are sure to enjoy. It features a Zero Fret Adjustable Nut, an upgraded Tuno-o-Matic bright along with titanium saddles, as well as pearl inlays and a better contact output jack. The neck for the latest model is wider than it has been in the past, and the rosewood fingerboard is thicker as well, which makes sustaining those notes easier. The improved cables in the electronics of the guitar help to improve the signal strength as well. As with other Gibson guitars, this comes with a hardshell case so you can keep it nice and safe. With all of these advantages though, there may be a few things that some people do not like.

Are There Any Disadvantages to the Firebird V 2015?

The Firebird V 2015 is a beautiful guitar, but it might not be the right guitar for everyone. One of the issues that some players find with the guitar is the size of the body – it’s quite large, and it might be too large for some smaller players out there. However, you will find that the actual width of the body is smaller, so it could still be a good option. The guitar is also a little heavier, and some may not like the increased width of the fretboard. They may be better suited to choosing one of the smaller models from Gibson. Still, the design does make it comfortable to hold on the lap.

While most people like and are looking for a Firebird V 2015 that has the iconic look with the Vintage Sunburst finish and the white pick guard, some might be put off at the lack of finish choices. Currently, it is only offered with the one finish.

What’s the Overall Opinion?

If you’ve been trying to find a Gibson guitar that has a classic look that’s a bit different from the Les Paul models, then the Firebird V 2015 could be a good choice. It’s a solidly built guitar that has some great sound. As long as the size doesn’t bother you, and you can play with the slightly wider neck, it could be the perfect guitar to add to your collection, or even as a first guitar. Whether you are on stage, in the garage, a studio, or anywhere else, you will love the personality of this guitar.