Consider the ESP E-II ST-1 Rosewood STBLK. When most people think about guitars from ESP, they imagine wild designs, and while that’s often true, the company does make some quality guitars that cater to those who like a “classic” look to their instruments. The ESP E-II ST-1Rosewood STBLK certainly falls into this category. It has a number of quality features that can help to make it a nice guitar for many different types of players. It’s time that we look at everything the guitar offers to see whether it might be a good choice for a player such as you.

Features of the ESP E-II ST-1Rosewood STBLK

The guitar has a bolt on neck and a 25.5″ scale, along with a locking 42mm nut. The body of the instrument is alder, and it has a quilted maple top. The rosewood fingerboard has a 305mm radius. It offers a standard strap button, along with a nice pick guard. The finish on the guitar is See-Thru Black, which lets the beauty of the quilt top shine through. Along with the white pick guard and black hardware, it makes the guitar a thing of true beauty.

The guitar has three pickups. On the neck is an EMG SA, which is the same as the middle pickup. On the bridge, you will have an EMG 81. The volume, tone, and pickup selector are in a very convenient location as well. The pickup selector actually has five different settings so you can get just the sound and tone that you need from the guitar. Players will also appreciate the bridge, a Floyd Rose Original, which can help to expand their playing opportunities.

Another one of the nice features of this and other guitars from ESP is the fact that it comes with a case. It’s a welcome addition, as you won’t have to buy a separate case for the guitar.

Does the ESP E-II ST-1Rosewood STBLK Have Any Issues?

One of the elements that some players may not like is the fact that the guitar has a bolt on neck. Many would prefer that it was a set-thru neck instead, but largely it’s a matter of opinion, but it is something you will want to consider if you are thinking about buying. Another one of the elements that some players do not like is the fact that it comes with a standard strap button, and some would prefer a locking button. Some players are not fans of the E-II logo that’s on the headstock as well, although this is a small complaint.

When it comes to the versatility and playability of the guitar though, the majority of players will agree that this is a good pick. It has plenty to offer regardless of the player’s style.

What’s the Overall Opinion on the ESP E-II ST-1Rosewood STBLK?

If you love ESP guitars and you’ve been trying to find an instrument that has more of a classic electric guitar style, then the ESP E-II ST-1Rosewood STBLK could be a nice fit. It sounds great, plays well, and looks like a winner!