ESP E-II Horizon

Why choose the ESP E-II Horizon? Stunning design, wonderful sound, and smooth playability are hallmarks of ESP guitars. They’ve become one of the top guitar manufacturers in the world, and it certainly hasn’t been by accident. They have a massive line of guitars to appeal to many different types of players. One of the guitars that you may want to consider if you want to have a design that has more of a classic appearance is the ESP E-II Horizon. It has some fantastic features to go along with the beautiful appearance, so let’s check out some of those elements now to see whether it’s something you might like.

Features of the ESP E-II Horizon

Let’s talk about the design first. It has a smooth and relatively simple mahogany body that can work well for guitar players of many different styles. The top of the guitar is quilted maple, and it features a beautiful Reindeer Blue finish, which has a purplish-blue tint to it that’s quite beautiful. The black hardware also happens to look great on the guitar. As with other guitars from ESP, the twelfth fret features their logo.

The guitar has a set-thru neck design, a locking 42mm nut, and a three-piece maple neck. The neck also happens to be quite thin, which can allow for easier and faster playing. In addition, you will find that the guitar has a high quality Schaller Security Lock for the strap button. This ensures you will not have to worry about the strap coming loose while you are playing.

The guitar has passive electronics and two pickups – a Seymour Duncan SH-2 on the neck and a Seymour Duncan TB-14 on the bridge. You will also have a Floyd Rose Original bridge. The volume, tone, and pickup switch are all conveniently located beneath the bridge, so making adjustments on the fly should not be a problem.

One of the other benefits of buying the guitar is that it comes with a case. Many of the high end guitars from ESP and other manufacturers come with cases today, and it’s something you might want to consider when buying a guitar. It doesn’t affect the playability, but it is a nice touch.

Does the ESP E-II Horizon Have Any Cons?

When it comes to drawbacks with this guitar, you won’t find many at all. The hardware is great, you can rely on the electronics, and it plays smoothly. The design of the guitar is generally simple enough that it should work well for most players. However, there will always be some that simply don’t like the design or the finish. For those players, there are other guitars in the line that might suit them better.

Overall Assessment of the ESP E-II Horizon

If you are on the search for a high quality guitar that plays wonderfully and that has a unique style and finish, then the ESP E-II Horizon could be a fantastic solution for you. It’s a great guitar for playing many different styles, especially rock.