Enjoy the majesty of the ESP E-II FRX FM RDB. There’s a certain level of genius and madness that goes into the design of guitars from ESP, and you can’t deny that they have some of the most unique and beautiful guitars on the planet. From the style to the color schemes they choose for the finish, there’s something truly special about their instruments. One of the best examples of this is the ESP E-II FRX FM RDB. Is it the right guitar for you? Let’s learn more about the features and design to see what it offers.

What Features Does the ESP E-II FRX FM RDB Have?



Naturally, we have to talk about the design of the guitar first. While the shape certainly has some similarities to traditional guitars, you will find a lot of angles and edges on this guitar that make it very different from those coming from other manufacturers. In addition, this particular guitar has a gorgeous bluish-purple top (called Reindeer Blue for some reason) on flamed maple set against a black background and hardware. It truly is beautiful, and it should appeal to players of metal and rock. You’ll find that the sound and tone of the guitar can work for many musical styles though.

The ESP E-II FRX FM RDB has dot inlays on all of the frets except for the twelfth fret, which has the ESP logo. The ebony fingerboard is smooth and makes playing a true pleasure. The guitar has a set-thru neck and a 25.5″ scale. The body is mahogany, and the top is flamed maple. The three-piece maple neck it durable, yet thin enough that playing is easy.

The volume and tone control, as well as the toggle switch for the pickups, are conveniently located and easy to use. The ESP E-II FRX FM RDB has two pickups – an EMG 89R on the neck and an EMG 89 on the bridge. It also features a Floyd Rose Original bridge. The guitar also comes with a case, and it has a Schaller Security Lock for the strap button, so you can be sure it won’t come off while you are playing.

Are There Disadvantages to the ESP E-II FRX FM RDB?

The guitar plays and sounds great, and as is the case with many guitars, the main disadvantages come down to style. Some will adore this out of the world design, while it will turn others off. From a playability standpoint, there are no major issues with the guitar. All of the knobs and switches are in easy to access locations, and it sounds great. However, if the design simply isn’t your thing, you might want to check out some of the tamer guitars from ESP.

The Overall Opinion

As mentioned, this guitar has a lot of style and personality. If you are looking for a reliable guitar that sounds great and will last, you can’t go wrong with the ESP E-II FRX FM RDB. Just make sure the design is something you will like now and several years from now!

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