ESP E-II Eclipse DB VB

ESP has made quite a name in the guitar industry over the past four decades. They’ve created some truly beautiful looking guitars, and one of the things that help to set them apart from the other manufacturers is that their guitars tend to have very different styles. The Eclipse series of guitars are stunning in terms of appearance and playability, and one of the guitars in this line that’s sure to get some love from players out there is the ESP E-II Eclipse DB VB. It offers some great features in addition to the sweet design.

What Does the ESP E-II Eclipse DB VB Offer?

First, let’s talk about the design of the ESP E-II Eclipse DB VB. Those who don’t know guitars very well might at first think it looks similar to a Les Paul, and it’s true that the body does have some similarities. However, when you start to look at the details, you can see that there are plenty of differences that help to make the guitar unique. The guitar has a simple yet beautiful black body, fingerboard, and headstock, but what makes the guitar stand out in terms of style is all of the gold hardware. It looks fantastic on the black. On the twelfth fret, the inlay is actually the ESP logo.

The guitar features a set neck, and a 24.75″ scale, and it is quite thin, which should make it easier for most players to use. The body is mahogany and features a maple top. The 3-piece neck is also mahogany, and the guitar features a 42mm bone nut. On the ESP E-II Eclipse DB VB, you will have two pickups – the neck pickup is an EMG 60 and the bridge pickup is an EMG 81. You can switch between the pickups with the toggle switch that’s located on the top portion of the guitar.

Another one of the benefits of choosing the ESP E-II Eclipse DB VB is the fact that it comes with a case, which can save you from needing to buy one. It’s good for taking the guitar to a venue, or just keeping it safe at home.

Does the ESP E-II Eclipse DB VB Have Any Negatives?

There are few things to dislike about the ESP E-II Eclipse DB VB. Some players, especially those who have longer limbs, might want to choose a guitar that has a slightly larger scale. Some guitarists who are accustomed to other guitars may also find that the toggle switch is located in an inconvenient area, as it’s on the upper part of the body. It’s not quite as convenient as the switches located near the volume and tone controls, as you will find on so many other guitars.

The Overall Opinion on the Guitar

It’s a stylish guitar thanks to the black and gold color scheme, and it sounds great. The quibbles with the guitar are minor, and this could be a good option for those who are looking for a quality instrument.