ESP E-II Arrow Blk

The ESP E-II Arrow Blk is a metal player’s dream. This year, ESP is celebrating 40 years in the guitar business. They started out as a very small shop that sold guitars and did repairs, and in the decades that followed, they’ve become one of the most prominent manufacturer’s in the world. The company has been responsible for creating guitars that not only play great, but also have some of the most unique designs you will find. When you see an ESP guitar, there’s no mistaking it for an instrument from any other company. Let’s look at some of the features of the guitar to see if it could be a good buying decision for you!

What Features Does the ESP E-II Arrow Blk Offer?

ESP E-II Arrow

ESP E-II Arrow

Well, the first thing that you will note about the guitar is surely the design, which looks as though it was created for someone in a metal band to shred. As mentioned, ESP has the ability to create some truly wild looking guitars and this one is certainly no exception. The Arrow is an apt name, as the body of the guitar actually does bear a resemblance to an arrowhead. It’s quite angular, and at first glance, it might even look uncomfortable to play. However, it’s quite the opposite, and many players find that it makes playing even easier because they don’t have as much of the body to get in the way, and it is lightweight compared with many other guitars.

The ESP E-II Arrow Blk features a neck-thru-body design and has a 25.5″ scale, which should be comfortable and accessible for most players. The three-piece maple neck and the ebony fingerboard are beautiful. The guitar has a Floyd Rose bridge, as well as two pickups – the neck and bridge pickups are both EMG 81s. The toggle switch allows you to easily switch between the pickups, and the volume button is located to the right side of the bridge, making it easy to control with even just one finger.

This particular guitar also comes with a case, which is nice because you always want to have some added protection for your axe whether you are on the road or at home. The guitar only comes in a black finish, and it has unique inlays along the fretboard to provide with even more of an aesthetic punch.

What Cons Does the ESP E-II Arrow Blk Have?

The guitar plays great and sounds great, and there aren’t complaints with the construction of the ESP E-II Arrow Blk. However, the design is simply not going to appeal to everyone. It’s meant for those who play metal and hard rock for the most part, even though the guitar is far more capable than just those musical styles.

What’s the Overall Opinion?

If you’ve been looking for a guitar for shredding and you like the style, then this could be a fantastic guitar to choose. It looks great, has a Floyd Rose tremolo, and high quality electronics. What more could a metalhead want?

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