Blue Ibanez RG852MPB

Is the beautiful Blue Ibanez RG852MPB right for You? The RG line is one of the most popular guitar styles to come from Ibanez, and they’ve been making these models for more than three decades now. They are one of the most trusted names in the business, and these guitars are some of the best available. They are high quality instruments that have a gorgeous look as well as fantastic electronics and style.

Why Is the Ibanez RG852MPB a Good Guitar?

You’ll notice right away that this isn’t your normal six-string, and that’s because it isn’t a six-string; it’s an eight-string guitar. This allows you to have many more options when you are playing, but it’s not necessarily the right guitar for everyone.

One of the things that help to make this guitar from Ibanez a true standout is the finish. The back and sides of the guitar are a beautiful blue, but it’s the top of the guitar that really makes it special. Called the Ghost Fleet Blue Burst, it has a gorgeous, almost ethereal quality to it. The headstock is just as stunning with the same faded blue. The hardware on the guitar is Cosmo Black, which offsets the blue, as well as the wood fretboard, nicely. If you’ve been looking for a guitar that looks a bit different from all of the other models out there, then this could be exactly what you’ve been trying to find.

The guitar features a poplar burl top and a basswood body, along with a durable neck and a Birdseye Maple fretboard. The Ibanez RG852MPB features a Gibraltar Standard II-8 bridge along with a neck pickup – DiMarzio PAF 8 (H) neck pickup (passive/ceramic), and a bridge pickup – DiMarzio PAF 8 (H) bridge pickup (passive/ceramic). The guitar features a 5-way pickup selector, as well as a volume knob and tone control, so you can find just the sound and tone that you need no matter what you are playing.

The frets are nice and large, it features pearl dot inlays, and the guitar even comes with a hardshell case so you can keep it safe when you aren’t playing. It’s a great guitar that has some true style to it.

Are There Disadvantages With the Ibanez RG852MPB?

While many people will love the two additional strings, it is simply not practical for all players. As fantastic as the guitar is, if you aren’t going to use the additional strings in your music, then you would likely be better off choosing one of the other models that are available. One of the drawbacks of this guitar is that players who have smaller hands may have a hard time when it comes to using the fingerboard.

What’s the Overall Consensus?

If you have been looking for an eight-string guitar that has some class and style, and that sounds great, then the Ibanez RG852MPB could be a fantastic option for you. It’s a beautiful guitar, and it sounds great and has plenty of options for sound and tone. Just make sure that you want something this large and that it makes sense for the music you make!