American Vintage ’65 Jaguar

The American Vintage ’65 Jaguar is a classic you will love. Fender has been one of the most prolific companies in the history of guitars, and they have some of the most iconic models in the world. Even though they’ve innovated over the years, they know that sometimes, you just don’t want to mess with the classics too much. With the American Vintage ’65 Jaguar, you will find that they’ve kept the heart and soul of the guitar firmly intact.

Why Choose the American Vintage ’65 Jaguar?


American Vintage 65

When you play the American Vintage ’65 Jaguar, it’s like going back in time, and that’s a good thing. This beautiful guitar was extremely popular in the 50s through the 70s, and it’s been returning to prominence over the course of the past few years, thus the number of reissue vintage models now available. It’s great for rock, punk, surf, and so many other types of music. This guitar is extremely stylish thanks to the slick design of the body.

The guitars in this new series were created with painstaking attention to detail to make them as close as possible to the original, and you can see that in every aspect of the design. The guitar features a Mid-60s C-shape neck profile, a round-laminated rosewood fingerboard, pearl dot inlays that are larger than you will find on many other guitars, and a vintage-style floating tremolo (along with a lock button). The shorter 24″-scale makes it perfect for many different types of players, especially those who have shorter arms. It offers high quality dual circuit wiring and controls, along with a sound that is simply perfect.

The bone nut, along with the American Vintage pickups help to reproduce the sound that these guitars had decades ago. This ensures that you can get a sound that’s authentic to the era.

You can choose from several different finishes for this particular model. The 3-Color Sunburst, Blue Ice Metallic, and Candy Apple Red are all stunning. One of the other benefits of the American Vintage ’65 Jaguar is that it comes with a period accurate case that includes plenty of extras including cables, straps, bridge covers, and much more.

Does the American Vintage ’65 Jaguar Have Any Cons?

The quality of Fender’s instruments is without question. The guitar doesn’t have any manufacturing flaws, and you can guarantee that the vast majority of the instruments are ready to play as soon as you get them with very little (if any) adjustment needed. However, this is a vintage-style guitar, and the aesthetics and the classic sound might not be the right choice for all guitar players out there. Some players might want to check out the sound of the guitar to get an understanding of what’s possible with the axe.

What’s the Overall Opinion?

Those who love the look and style of classic Fender guitars are going to fall in love with the American Vintage ’65 Jaguar. It’s a fantastic model that has plenty to offer guitar lovers of all skill levels. The sound, the look, and the vintage inspired hardware make it a great choice.

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