American Special Mustang

The American Special Mustang continues to wow. The Mustang, one of Fender’s most popular guitar options, began as an ideal instrument for students who were just starting out on the guitar. However, more advanced players soon came to realize that the guitar actually had quite a bit more to offer. Over the years, the guitar has seen no massive changes to the design style, but there have been quite a few upgrades to the internals of the guitar, making it a viable choice for guitar players of many different styles.

What Features Make the American Special Mustang a Good Option?

American Special Mustang

American Special Mustang

With classic style and modern features, this is a guitar that many players will certainly enjoy. It offers a wonderful tone, and it’s a good guitar whether you are playing at home or at a venue. The maple neck has a C profile, and the 9.5″ radius rosewood fingerboard features 22 jumbo frets. These larger frets help to make it easier to hold and control the strings if you are bending them or trying to get a nice vibrato.

One of the things that make this guitar different from some of the other offerings is the shorter scale. The American Special Mustang is a smaller guitar, which makes is easier for players who have smaller hands and who are smaller in general. The guitar has two Atomic humbuckers for pickups, as well as advanced circuitry for a reliable playing experience. This is one of the ways that it departs from the classic single-coil style.

You can switch between the pickups via the three-way selector. Another feature that players will like with the American Special Mustang is the push-pull coil selector switch that’s on the volume knob. You can use this to activate the inner coil on the neck pickup, as well as the outer coil on the bridge pickup. This allows you to get the original single coil tone if you wish.

The guitar looks great, and has a classic style that you just can’t beat. This particular version comes in just two finishes – 3-Color Sunburst and Black. It also has a beautiful pick guard to help keep your guitar safe from scratches while you are playing.

What Are the Cons of the American Special Mustang?

If you have larger hands and long limbs, it might feel a bit confining playing on the American Special Mustang simply because it is smaller than some of the other guitars from Fender. Some might lament that they only have two finish choices with the guitar as well. However, when it comes to playability, the guitar is truly wonderful, and you should not have any problems with the electronics or hardware.

How Does It Fare Overall?

The American Special Mustang has quite a bit to love. It sounds great, and you can change up the tone to get the sound that you want. The guitar is fantastic for playing live, recording, or just fiddling around at home. Those who love the classic look and sound will likely find a lot of value in this guitar.

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